Understanding Stewardship

What have you been given? Perhaps it’s the ability to sing, cook, make children laugh, comfort others, make friends, or even do home repairs. You may be blessed with financial assets or prosperity. Or, you may simply have time to invest in helping others. Throughout our lives, each of us has a unique combination of gifts, talents, and knowledge, given freely by God. When we respond to these gifts by sharing them with others, we’re being good “stewards” of everything we’ve been entrusted with. So practicing good stewardship not only puts your gifts to good use; it’s also a meaningful way to express your appreciation for everything you’ve been given.

Share your time, talent, and treasure. Look at the many opportunities available here at St. Robert of Newminster…

Each fall, we will have a ministry fair where you can learn about all the ministries going on in the parish and then sign up! Our parish can’t run without YOUR help!