Thank you for beginning or continuing to embrace stewardship in your life and for sharing your talents and treasures with your parish family. It is through your financial generosity and stewardship that we are able to provide for the temporalities of the church, but more importantly for the people, through various programs and services we offer.

We offer Online Giving. Click Here! We thank you for your stewardship!


Year End Giving

As the year-end approaches, many of our parishioners consider making donations in time to benefit their tax return.  Thank you for remembering St. Robert Parish as part of your year-end giving.

Cash donations may be made by check, cash, credit card, or debit card.  Some parishioners use their bank’s Bill Pay system.  Please remember that all contributions must be in the parish office or postmarked by December 31.  Credit or Debit card donations must be made online through our parish website.  Click on “About Us” and “Donate” for details, or click on the “Donate Here” link for direct access.

Consider donating appreciated stocks or other appreciated securities.  Appreciated securities that you have held for more than a year receive a full fair market value charitable deduction and you pay no capital gains tax.  On the other hand, if you are holding securities at a loss, sell them first and then donate the cash.  That way you can claim the capital loss on your tax return.

Are you over age 70 ½ and have an IRA?  Parishioners over age 70 ½ should consider making a charitable donation directly from their IRA.  Amounts up to $100,000 can be excluded from income for these donations.  This is a way to make your required annual distribution nontaxable.  This also benefits seniors who don’t itemize and thus cannot get the tax benefit of the donation.  This may also reduce the required taxable portion of Social Security and reduce state income taxes.

Be sure and discuss these tax strategies with your tax advisor before taking any action. If you decide to donate appreciated stock or make a direct donation from your IRA, please contact the Parish Office at (616) 676-9111 or email for instructions for making these transfers to St. Robert Church.