Preview December1- 7:00 PM in the PLC

Enter into the Mysteries of Christ and Rediscover the Power of the Rosary 

An authentic encounter with Christ leads to our transformation and sanctification. Mysteries of the Rosary integrates deeply reflective insights on the life of Christ, theological truths, and captivating stories together with breathtaking scenery, illuminating sacred art, and inspiring music. By filming on location in the Holy Land, our aspiration is to make the Rosary come alive in the hearts and minds of the participants. Encounters with Christ in the episodes and discussions will lead to even deeper encounters with Him in personal prayer and contemplation. 

“Listening to Mark’s reflections on the Rosary has awakened in me a renewed appreciation and deeper understanding of the mysteries of the Rosary. To couple these teachings with the backdrop of the Holy Land is an experience we can’t wait to bring to viewers.”  – Dan Johnson, Creative Director at 4PM Media