In a very specific way, the Pastoral Council is designated to be the one group that opens itself up to the Holy Spirit and tries to vision what our parish can be. Pastoral Council members do not listen only to God’s Spirit. They are called to listen to other parishioners, to be a conduit that brings to the council meetings the cares and concerns that are brought to them. Because of this, it is important that council members touch various dimensions of the parish. It is also important that the council remain fresh by periodically bringing in new members.

Who is eligible for the Pastoral Council? Any adult parishioner who is open to prayerfully and reflectively discern God’s desire for his people. The Pastoral Council meets four times each year. Council meeting times will be determined each year by the membership.

Any vibrant parish consists of many committees, groups, organizations, and ministries.  However, there are only two that are required.  In its wisdom, the Church knows that no pastor should lead and make decisions in isolation.  To help him in his ministry, the pastor is to have two advisory bodies: one of which is the Pastoral Council.