Young Adult & Family Ministry Update

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!! Or, for those of you still following futbol and the World Cup, how about England defeating host Australia? Set your alarms because the World Cup finals is being aired at 6am EST this Sunday.

There is so much that has happened and continues to develop since our last newsletter. In order, please recall that this Thursday, August 17, our young adults and families will be gathering OUTSIDE the PLC for a cookout. We will be providing hotdogs with the hopes that you will bring a side-dish to share. Oh, and don’t forget to pack your favorite outdoor activity (cornhole, frisbee, pickleball paddles/balls,…). If competition is not your thing, then bring a lawn chair and enjoy a sunset with us. It looks like there is rain tentatively in the forecast for Thursday, but that WILL end and the skies WILL clear up (at least that is my prayer and optimistic hope). This event will take place from 7pm – 9pm rain (then inside the PLC) or shine. This social, likes its predecessors, is a BYOB event.

This coming Sunday, August 20, the YA and Family Ministry will be hosting another event at the St. Robert School playground. This time we will be serving donuts, coffee, and lemonade after BOTH the 9am and 11 am Masses. DO-NOT miss this opportunity to share a DO-NUT with your friends and peers!!

Next week offers an encore of these two events: Thursday, August 24 will again offer an outdoor dining experience, but will feature desserts. Please bring your fav dessert to share.

Next Sunday, August 27, will feature another round of sweet treats following both the 9am and 11am Masses. We will again plan to meet at the playground for fun and fellowship.

We will be offering encore performances of these events next week on Thursday, Aug. 24

and Sunday, Aug. 27.

On 8/24 we will be featuring desserts, so please plan to bring your fave to share.

On 8/27 we will again be serving “sweet treats” after both the 9am and 11am Masses at the playground.

PLEASE try to RSVP asap for these events using the following link: YA RSVP Form

We will be “kicking-off” our 2023 Fall Young Adult and Family Ministry with a luncheon and keynote speaker following the 11am Mass on September 17. This event is for ALL young adults.

Childcare will be available, and this event will run from 12:15pm – 1:45pm.

Again, please RSVP by completing the form using this link: YA & FAMILY KICK-OFF EVENT

Lastly, we are still planning to offer programming on Mondays and Tuesdays beginning Sept 18. An interest survey was sent out last month, and a sincere “thank you” goes out to the 12 respondents. This ministry cannot, however, make programming decisions based on a 0.5% rate of return. So please, look over the generic domains/offerings and available time slots and prayerfully consider the commitment to strengthen both your social and spiritual desires (remember that the original surveys collected showed a desire for both more community and catechesis 🙂 by completing this interest survey below.

This ministry is here to serve you, but we will fail if you do not make this a priority and allow us to serve you. Here again is the link to the proposed offerings and times: YA and Family Interest Survey

Thank you for taking the time to read this, submit the forms, and pencil in the dates on your calendar. We hope to see you this week and/or next week at the social events, that you have a great upcoming weekend, and as always, that you be a blessing to somebody… Mike

Mike Michaud
Pastoral Associate for Young Adult and Family Ministry
616-676-9111 ext 113