YA & Family Ministry Update!

July Greetings SRN Adults!

Now that we have some social events planned for July and August, I’d like to share with you some other opportunities for us to meet during the school year.

Our 2023 Faith Formation classes for grades 1-5 are scheduled to meet on Monday evenings from 5:00 – 6:15, 6:45 – 8:00, and on Tuesday evenings from 5:00 – 6:15. 

Our Young Adult and Family Ministry has the potential to become 3 ministries.  The three proposed “mini ministries” would be initially scheduled to coincide during those class times mentioned above.  Those three ministries are Spirit, Sport, and Social, and given sufficient interest, THESE ACTIVITIES WOULD BE OFFERED FROM SEPTEMBER 17 – APRIL 30.

The Spirit ministry would be academic in nature and look like a Bible study.  

The Sport ministry would be held in the Parish Life Center and could include men’s, women’s, and/or co-ed basketball (three-on-three), volleyball, cornhole, dodgeball, etc.

The Social ministry would be held in the PLC Cafe where card games, board games, conversation, coffee, and catching up on emails could take place.

These events would be open to everybody regardless of marital status, but are primarily being offered to those of you with children in Faith Formation.  Your survey results identified lack of time as the biggest nemesis in participating more at SRN. Families, we are encouraging you to remain on campus during your child’s Faith Formation time and partake in one or more of our offerings.

We will also be offering a “pray then play” event on the third Thursday each month beginning in October.  This would begin with Eucharistic Adoration at 7pm followed by a social gathering.  We will also be offering a Family centered meal and event once per month following a Sunday Mass.

Now it is your turn.  If you recall, there are almost 2,400 registered young adults in the SRN parish.  This newsletter continues to be opened regularly by about 600 of you.  Your survey results indicated desires for increased community and catechesis.  It is our hope that you will continue to make our shared Catholic faith a top priority in both your lives and schedules.  As you begin to write your future events into calendars, please prayerfully consider making the aforementioned “minis” a priority.  

The attached survey will give us a better idea of what you would like to do and when it would fit best into your lives.  Please continue to steer this ministry in the direction that best suits you, realizing, of course, that a concession on your behalf might also be required at some point.

We are so excited to bring you these offerings, and look forward to your responses.

We hope to see you at one of the remaining 8 social events.  As a reminder, the QR code in the church bulletin (or link in the e-bulletin) allows you to promptly RSVP to these socials.

Take care, and be a blessing to someone… Mike (and the YA and Family Core Team)

Please click and submit by July 31:  Link to ACTIVITIES SURVEY