St. Robert Catholic School Becomes a Parish School!

Raising our children in the Catholic faith is our most important work, and we are honored to take on this responsibility.  The Church teaches that parents are the primary educators in raising their children in the faith. Catholic schools and faith formation programs are designed to reinforce what is already being taught in the home.

From the feedback that we heard from you through town hall meetings and surveys in recent months, we have chosen not to undertake the new school build-out that we discussed last year. However, we are working on a smaller, phased-in approach that will accommodate our student numbers as we expand through grade 8.  We anticipate having a revised plan to share with you soon.

Many conversations have taken place with the St. Robert School Board, the Finance Council, parishioners, The Diocese of Grand Rapids, and Trustees to make St. Robert School a parish school and part of the Grand Rapids Diocesan School Family. We are excited to announce that as of July 1, 2023 the official transfer will take place and the school will become one with the parish!

I am grateful for the opportunity that God has so generously allowed us to take part in shaping the next generation of the Church.  I look forward to the parish, faith formation, and the school finding many ways to grow together in faith. I ask all of you to keep the school, its teachers, and its students in your prayers as we make our way through this transition.

Fr. Tony Russo
Pastor, St. Robert of Newminster Parish